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Ways to Show ❤️ to Local Business

Here at Workspace Collective, we are all about supporting small business and entrepreneurs. When it comes to seeing innovation and new ideas thrive, there is nothing we're more passionate about. February is of course, known as the month of love, so where we're putting our focus this month is showing love to local business. Today on the blog, we're sharing a few ways how to do just that:

❤️Leave Positive Reviews

People often find new businesses to try based on online reviews. Now’s the time to give your frequented businesses and restaurants 5-star reviews they deserve. They’ll help them now, and of course, in the future when business picks up full steam again.

❤️Continue making purchases

Support local retail by purchasing a gift card from service-related businesses, making online purchases from community retailers, or support local artisans and farms. If your favorite stylist had to cancel your appointment, front them the money by purchasing a gift card that you’ll use when you schedule your next visit. You can also support local makers by purchasing handmade gifts.

❤️Donate What You Can

This doesn’t have to be money, necessarily. Offer to donate supplies or goods. The ultimate donation? Your time. Small business owners are typically strapped for time, and will be even more so if they’ve had to lay off employees. Offer your expertise, whether it’s marketing, accounting, or stocking shelves.

❤️Show your community spirit

Now is a great time to give “local love” by supporting businesses on social media. This might include leaving a positive note of encouragement or a review for a business that you frequent, or sharing posts and updates from local business social media pages to help others know what’s happening. While business may be slow, sharing content from businesses and organizations allows for greater community exposure, engagement, and support.

❤️Order out

This is also a great way to treat yourself and others, by having a special meal from your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget to tip! If your local restaurant is closed, or you can’t make the drive, consider buying a gift card to use in the future — any amount helps!

Do you have other ways you like to show love to small business? Leave them in the comments! And if you're a small business owner, drop us your website or social media handle in the comments so we can connect!


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