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Design Creates the Coworking Vibe: Crafting the Unique Interiors of Workspace Collective

Today, we sit down with Cassandra Cox, co-founder of Workspace Collective, to delve into the intriguing world of interior design and the ethos behind the collective's aesthetic. With her keen eye for design and creating vibrant atmospheres, Cassandra shares insights into the overall interior design concept, fostering collaboration and creativity, unique elements across our locations, considerations for local culture, functionality, and design trends.

Q: Cassandra, let's start with the overall design concept of Workspace Collective Ocala. How does it reflect the ethos of WSC?

A: Our design ethos revolves around blending historic charm with modern flair. We aim to infuse each building with its unique history while incorporating contemporary elements. Our spaces are eclectic and diverse, much like our members, featuring pops of color, a mix of vintage and modern decor, and a timeless appeal with wood finishes and black and white accents. It's about creating an environment that feels welcoming, inspiring, and reflective of the communities we serve.

Q: How do you ensure that your spaces encourage collaboration and creativity?

A: Collaboration is fostered through shared spaces designed for comfort and warmth. From spacious kitchens to cozy lounges and porch seating, we provide environments where connections can flourish. Creativity, on the other hand, is sparked by elements of surprise—think swings, murals, and original artwork by local artists. Our spaces are meant to inspire, offering unique settings that ignite the imagination.

Q: Each location seems to have its own distinct flair. Could you highlight some unique elements/features in different locations while maintaining the WSC brand?

A: Absolutely! In Ocala, we've incorporated chic rustic elements inspired by the area's equine industry, such as barn motifs and wood finishes. Meanwhile, our Daytona location pays homage to its Prohibition-era roots with vintage-style lighting and Chesterfield sofas.

Here, the glamour of Art Deco meets the charm of Old Florida -- there are shells adorned in macramé, wicker chairs inviting relaxation, and an art deco crane print upholstery adding a touch of timeless elegance. We ensure continuity across locations by incorporating signature elements like our dark blue paint color, Sherwin Williams Salty Dog, which ties everything together while allowing each space to maintain its individual character.

Q: Sanford is the next stop for Workspace Collective. What considerations are you taking for local culture in this new location?

A: Sanford's rich history serves as a muse for our design approach. From preserving original features like exposed brick to integrating thematic elements like the fire department mural and nods to Prohibition-era aesthetics, we're committed to honoring the essence of Celery City. Additionally, we're excited to repurpose antiques from the building's past as part of our decor, connecting the space with its heritage while infusing it with contemporary charm.

Q: Functionality seems to be a key aspect of your design philosophy. How do you ensure that your spaces are both practical and visually appealing?

A: Functionality is paramount in every decision we make. We prioritize selecting furniture and amenities that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and durable. Comfort is essential, whether it's through ergonomic office chairs or cozy lounge areas. By maintaining a balance between form and function, we create environments where members can thrive both professionally and creatively.

Q: Finally, what design trends are you currently embracing at Workspace Collective?

A: At WSC, we're all about embracing design trends with a twist. We love experimenting with color drenching, mixing patterns and textures, and combining antiques with modern decor to create visually dynamic spaces. From minimalist white walls to vibrant pops of color and lush greenery, we're constantly pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to create inspiring work environments.

As we expand to new locations, this remains

certain: Cassandra’s commitment to crafting spaces that inspire collaboration, creativity, and celebrate the unique essence of each community we serve.


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