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Top 3 Reasons Your Company Should Switch to a Flex Space Model

1. A focus on employee preferences and choice

Flex space work models help businesses remain adaptable to unexpected circumstances, but they can also help them better accommodate employee preferences. 58 percent of U.S. workers would prefer working some of the time at home and some of the time at the office. The flex space approach makes employees feel at ease and lets them know that their company is investing in their well-being -- creating loyalty and helping with long-term employee retention.

2. Save on real estate costs

A physical HQ can serve as a symbol of a company’s brand. With a hybrid work model, where employees work remotely or in a coworking space like Workspace Collective, companies can retain the benefits of having a headquarters to handle things like product storage or manufacturing, while reducing their real estate costs by downsizing their portfolios by using flexible workspaces for their satellite offices.

3. A variety of spaces fosters innovation and creativity

Employees work differently in different settings, and over the course of the day, their work needs change. A range of space options allows them to choose the environment that works best for them in whatever task function they’re performing. Whereas traditional office settings revolve around individual workstations, members of Workspace Collective enjoy a variety of settings for different activities. Dedicated desks, shared workspaces, and soundproof phonebooths are ideal for focus work time where distractions should be minimized. Meanwhile, closed-door conference rooms and casual lounge areas we offer are perfect for collaboration and team building time. Our open lounge area with comfortable seating are likely to encourage the spontaneous, social interactions that spark ideas and build creativity.

If your company is thinking about a flex model, contact us. We'd be happy to meet with you and learn how we can support you as your team makes this transition.

Email to ask about a tour and a free day pass.


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