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How to Support Small Business During Covid-19

At Workspace Collective Ocala, we're all about supporting small business, and it goes without saying that covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on local retailers, vendors and restaurants. In fact, most of our members are owner/operators of small businesses, or startup entrepreneurs. We look forward to the days when we get closer to our "new normal," but in the meantime - here are some ways you can support small business in Ocala and beyond:

Buy Gift Cards

While you may not be able to have the usual shopping experience right now, one easy way to support a small business to buy a gift card for future use. Buying gift cards now helps your local restaurants to keep paying staff and bills during these times.

Order Online

A simple way to support a local retailer is to shop at your local store online as you normally would at their brick-and-mortar location. While it may seem easier to just click on Amazon Prime, consider taking a moment to search online for the same item from a local small business.

Plan and Buy Ahead

It may not seem like you have many immediate shopping needs outside of groceries right now, since we are all wearing our covid-19 fashions and "Zoom uniforms" (pajamas on the bottom/shirt on top, anyone?) but think ahead - maybe there is a fall or winter birthday you could buy a gift or gift card for online from a local business. You may even find some good deals on items ideal for holiday gifts - and imagine how great it will feel to be extra-prepared this holiday season.

Order Takeout

As we all have been making an effort to stay home as much as possible, restaurants, small and large are changing their entire business model to take-out or delivery only. One simple way that you can help your favorite local restaurant is to order their food for delivery or curbside pickup.

Be an Online Advocate

Connect with local businesses on social media.

Like their page on Facebook, Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Like, Comment and Share posts on as many local businesses as possible on a daily basis. This will help their message get out to more people. This is the least we can do while we cannot shop with them.

Write a Google Review. Make it a point to write at least one favorable Google Review per week -- more if you can. Pick your favorite companies first and then work through your list. If you’ve never done this before, log onto your Google account and search for a local business, the search results should bring up the Google business listing on the right of the page. Scroll down until you see Reviews and click on “Write a Review." This goes a long way with small retailers who rely on third party reviews for new business.

Thank you for your support of our own small business. If you have any questions about our available workspace options, including shared and private offices and virtual/digital office plans, contact us today at (352) 329-2920.


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