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How to Optimize Your Offsite Meetings

The new year is here and its time to start thinking about when to get your work team together for things like planning and team building. Here are 4 quick tips to make your next event a success.

1. Set your goals and objectives

Your first step when planning your next team offsite should be to set goals for the day. Making sure that attendees and team members are aware of that in advance will make them more engaged and better prepared. This will strengthen the quality and value of your event.

2. Start dealing with logistics early

When you plan an event in the meeting spaces at Workspace Collective, you’ll enjoy our best-in-class amenities, concierge serviced provided by our Community Manager -- which includes assistance with AV and presentation equipment, printing and copying, complimentary coffee, tea and snacks for you and your attendees.

Workspace Collective Meeting Space Rental Prices:

One hour: $40/hour

Half-day (4 hours): $150

Full day (8 hours): $250

Cleanup after your meeting is finished. When our dedicated team takes care of all these details, it allows you to focus on the goals of your meeting. Attendees will feel well taken care of and inspired to bring their full energy and attention to the tasks at hand.

3. Prepare a detailed agenda

Be sure to provide your agenda to all attendees ahead of time and include all of the details of the event therein. Let them know what they can expect, and when each component of the event is taking place. It’s always motivating to include a creative or problem-solving activity that takes employees out of their day-to-day and helps them think outside of the box.

4. Close the loop with your attendees after the meeting

Getting feedback from your event attendees is the best way to understand what worked for them and what didn’t. It’s important to get as much feedback as possible in your follow-up communications -- perhaps via a survey. You can also think about selecting a couple of attendees and organizing a one-on-one session. There, you can ask them for more specifics and details that will help you outline your action items when planning the next big event.

For more information on meeting rental space, contact us today at or book a tour here.


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