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Creating a Sense of Balance in the "New Normal"

This pandemic has changed the world as we know it, and many people are still trying to find their new normal in a work landscape that’s no longer tied to the traditional 9-5 schedule.

Creating a solid routine can help foster a sense of stability. It's important to have a roadmap for how you should spend your time, effort, and attention.

We at Workspace Collective recognize that everyone's routine looks different. No matter what hours you keep, here are a few tips to building structure in your day, and create a sense of balance in today's current work environment.

Set yourself up for success.

Goals and objectives may need to be broken up into small, manageable parts, so you can gain a sense of accomplishment. Some find it helpful to write out their goals for the day the night before. Keep the list short (3-4 key goals max) leaving yourself time for extra work and keeping up with emails/calls.

Give yourself a reward for checking off items that are part of your daily to-do list. After our members spend a few hours of their day on Zoom meetings, conference calls or looking at spreadsheets, they enjoy a break at our coffee bar with a freshly roasted cup provided by Ocala's own Dignity Roasters. In fact, our coffee bar is one of the amenities we are most proud of as it is a place for our members to gather and feel a part of a community.

Create a plan for your physical workspace

Much of your behavior is driven by the environment around you. That could mean going into a shared coworking space like Workspace Collective, setting up a home office, or relying on some combination of the two.

Some of our members choose to create a schedule where they split their time between their home office and our space. They find the camaraderie, networking benefits and office amenities make for a productive environment that complements their WFH lifestyle.

Eliminate distractions.

Some people are able to maintain their focus, while others are easily influenced by activity going on around them. The more distractible you are, the harder it is to stick to a new routine. That’s why it’s important to remove those attention interferences — such as smartphones — to increase your daily output.

Stepping away from the chaos of what's happening at home can be the key to gaining true focus. We offer conference rooms available to our members and soundproof phone booths for important phone calls.

Finding the right coworking space can be a solution to help guide your new routine. If you would like a tour of our space or have questions about membership, contact us today at


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