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Member Spotlight

We are proud to be the first coworking space in downtown Ocala. Our greatest asset at Workplace Collective is undoubtedly our members. We are made up of a vibrant group of talented individuals who interact and network with each other daily in our collaborative space. On our blog, we plan to highlight members regularly and put a spotlight on the great work they are doing. Today, we'd like to introduce you to 3 members active in the digital space and on the cutting edge of their industries.

Brittany Bayley

When you see an email from a company or brand in your inbox, it takes a unique combination of subject line and catchy copy to really grab your attention. Brittany Bayley is behind the scenes creating these engaging pieces of copy every day. She launched her business as a service provider from the ground up using intuition, and practical, real-life resources while writing personal branding copy. Now, she teaches freelance copywriters how to support the intentional lives they want to live with a solid business acumen.  Check out her Instagram for email copywriting tips and see her website for a list of services. Brittany also hosts a podcast called Your Intentional Life, which she records in the podcast studio at Workspace Collective. Download and listen here.

Alex Moy

As the president of Moy Media, an Ocala-based full-service digital agency, Alex Moy creatively approaches digital marketing for best-in-class results. Using industry leading cinematic video production, media planning and targeted distribution, website creation, and personal branding, they work closely with clients to drive their business goals. He has a great catalog of experience, from telling brand stories to creating social ad campaign strategy. Check out his site for a full overview of Moy Media's capabilities.

Elle Tomaszewski

Elle found her passion at a very young age -- in fact, she started designing and learning how to use Photoshop in middle school. In 2014, she started a fashion and lifestyle blog while pursuing her degree in Communications at the University of North Florida. She then began her professional career as Creative Director at Ocala Magazine. After a little more than a year in that role, she took a leap of faith to pursue her dream of working for herself, starting a social media management business -- all while completing her degree. Elle graduated from UNF in December 2019 and works independently in social media management for a variety of clients. Follow Elle on Instagram for some inspiring fashion, lifestyle content.

Next time you're at Workspace Collective, stop by and say hi to these talented people!

If you're a member interested in being included in this monthly feature, drop us an email at

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