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45 Minutes that Will Change Your Work Week

Introducing a 45-minute virtual program that will change your entire approach to work: the Body & Brain session, held virtually each Friday. Join us for the next session on Friday, May 29 at 10am. In light of covid-19, we're offering this event FREE not only to our members but to the public as away to share our resources with the community.

You'll be emailed a Zoom meeting link to join the virtual event.

It's proven that even a small amount of exercise can increase mental clarity and motivation.

Breaking Chains Fitness will lead us in a 15-minute, high intensity full-body workout. No equipment needed, just put on your workout clothes and log into Zoom!

Following the workout, we will switch from "body" to "brain' as the Community Manager of Workspace Collective will lead a 30-minute Work Sprint.

What's a Work Sprint?

Oftentimes, workdays aren’t productive. We spend too much time on email, have too many meetings, then struggle to find the willpower and energy to focus on what’s really important. Work Sprints allow you to spend a finite amount of time with zero distractions, on one sole project - leading us to increased productivity, and effective decision making. By doing this virtually, we will hold each other accountable to our individual Work Sprint goals..

This unique event offering is FREE and is sure to get your body and brain moving in a way that changes your whole work week. Join us and try it out!

You'll be emailed a Zoom meeting link to join the event.


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